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Social #4: VN CARES Mini Summer Retreat

My dear friends, aspiring health beacons, and fortified lovers,

We're about to start another school year. School brings with it a lot of stress and little time for you to relax and just do things you enjoy. To help us all prepare for the upcoming school year and to bond with one another, we're going to have a mini VN CARES retreat. 

During the time, we'll play games, get to know each other, and check in with ourselves. We'll set our intentions and goals for the school year. Consider what you truly want and need from this school year--certain grades, relationships,  and experiences. Then we'll discuss strategies on how to give yourself exactly what you want. 

This won't be your typical workshop where I talk about time management and smart studying skills and all those other boring stuff. This retreat will be introspective and much more personal. Come learn about yourself and one another. 

I believe in you. And if you don't already, come to this workshop to learn how to believe in yourself. Let's work together to become the person we each want to be.

The details:

      What: VN CARES Summer Mini Retreat

      When: September 11th, 4-6pm

      Where: Kevin Dinh's Apartment

      Why: Learn about yourself and how to achieve your personal goals

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