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[PR] Village Family Day

Parkway Church is hosting the 4th Annual Village Family Fun Day. This event brings together organizations to provide resources, services, and information to the community guests. In previous years, Village Family Day has served over 300 families.

Alongside R&E, we will be helping publicize VN CARES by providing information on VN CARES. This is in addition to helping with arts & crafts and face painting with the local community. You may not get double PR and R&E credit with this event. The credit received will be dependent on which event you are signed up for on Eventbrite.

Attire: VN CARES Apparel

Time: 11:00 AM-2:00 PM (Lunch will be provided)

Location: Simmons Community Center, Address: 25 Massie Court, Sacramento, CA 95823 (Rides will be arranged)

This is a Summer Term event!


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