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[R&E] Presentation Making #7

[Online OR In-Person Event]

In lieu of our usual weekly meeting presentations, you can sign up presentation making events where you create a ~12 minute presentation on a science-related topic of your choice. The presentation MUST use at least one primary research article as a source and you are expected to complete 2 dry-runs with your Team Leader (may be through Skype). You will submit a video of yourself presenting the material along with the presentation and  will recieve feedback on your research, aesthetics, and delivery.

You will receive 1 R&E credit upon completion of this event.


For questions/concerns please contact the R&E Leaders by phone or email

VN CARES Research and Education Leaders 2017-2018

Alena Dinh        (951) 306-8706

Anh-Tram Bui   (650) 388-6819


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