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[R&E] VICE Revamping #1

[Online Event]

The purpose of this event is to work on improving your Powerpoint design skills in order to enhance the aesthetic value of presentations. You will be given a previous VICE presentation and be tasked to create better flow from slide to slide and increase its overall attractiveness. You are encouraged to incorporate graphics, animations, flow charts, and any other visuals, as well as reorganize the information as you see fit for a creative and effective delivery. Be cautious about altering the text, as it is important for presenters to know what to narrate.

You will receive 0.5 R&E credits upon completion of this event.


For questions/concerns please contact the R&E Leaders by phone or email

VN CARES Research and Education Leaders 2017-2018

Alena Dinh        (951) 306-8706

Anh-Tram Bui   (650) 388-6819

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