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July 7th Sunday Clinic - Cancer Screening Clinic

Hello Interns,

Thank you for signing up for Sunday Clinic!

Please be aware that we can only take 2 returning clinical interns and 3 new clinical interns and a new/old hybrid intern for this clinic.

If you cancel without finding a replacement, you must notify us 48 hours before clinic starts. If you can find a replacement, you are able to cancel after the 48 hours deadline.

If you register or cancel after the confirmation email has been sent, you must notify the VN CARES CMs. FAILURE TO NOTIFY US WILL RESULT IN A STRIKE.

Please remember the following when signing up for clinic:

Interns are required to complete 4 clinics: One Sunday Clinic and Three Saturday Clinics.

Dress Code: Business Casual (i.e. no jeans, no open-toed shoes, no sneakers)

·  Female: dress shirt (long sleeves), dress pants or knee-length skirt with closed-toe dress shoes

·  Male: dress shirt, tie (optional), dress pants, and dress shoes

Carpool: Self-arranged!

For questions/concerns please contact the Clinical Managers by phone or email

VN CARES Co-Clinical Managers 2018-2019

Don Nguyen: (530) 405-6519

Nina Le: (651) 343-4546

Kevin Ly: (408) 497-3666

Angela Trandang: (408) 406-7610

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