Saturday Clinic

Walk-In Primary care services

Hosted by the Paul Hom Asian Clinic, primary care services are offered every Saturday from 8-12 PM. We recommend that you come to one of the Saturday clinics prior to making an appointment for a Sunday Clinic.

Week 1: Primary Care + Muskoskeletal

Week 2: Primary Care + Psychiatry+ Pharmacy Consultation

Week 3: Primary Care

Week 4: Primary Care + Dermatology

Sunday Clinic

Cancer Screening Services

On the first Sunday of every month in collaboration with Paul Hom Asian Clinic, the UC Davis School of Medicine medical students, and medical doctors. Preventative cancer screenings for both female and male patients are provided:

Free cancer screening for patients who regularly visit our primary care clinic.

  • Breast Cancer – Females: 40 years or older

  • Cervical Cancer - Females: 21 - 65 years old

  • Prostate Cancer – Males: 50 years or older

  • Colorectal Cancer - Males: 45 years or older & Females: 50 years or older

  • Liver Cancer (Hepatitis B) – Males/Females: Any age


  • Flu Shot (seasonal) - Male/Females: Any Age

Sunday Clinic Appointments

To schedule an appointment, please contact us through the following methods:

  • Call (916) 542-2737

  • Email us at:


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