VN CARES Internship Applications

As a part of UCDMC, all accepted interns must follow these ICC Requirement Guidelines

**This is NOT a requirement to apply for the internships**

The Fall 2019 cycle applications are now CLOSED! Thank you all for applying!

Clinical Internship

As a Clinical Intern, you will serve as a patient advocate (PA), translating for Vietnamese patients, and working with medical students and doctors. You will be responsible for assisting patients that come to the clinic and facilitating their visit to ensure they have received quality care.

NOTE: Vietnamese proficiency is a requirement for this internship.

Research & Education Internship

As a Research & Education intern, your goal will be to help educate the Vietnamese (and general) population about various cancers and other diseases that are prevalent in the community. Presentations will be at the clinic site, various temples/churches, community homes in the Davis/Sacramento area to patients who may be directly affected by these various disorders. You will also be able to attend workshops provided by the R&E leaders to improve your Vietnamese language or workshops to improve secondary research and presentation skills.

NOTE: You may apply to both internships.

Hybrid Internship

You may apply to both internships separately and for our hybrid internship. The hybrid internship provides non-Vietnamese speakers with a chance to experience both the Research & Education and Clinical sides of VN CARES. As a hybrid intern, you would function as both an English-speaking patient advocate and an R&E intern. If you are planning to apply to both or would like to apply for the hybrid internship, please use this form.

NOTE: Vietnamese proficiency is NOT required for this internship. If you are proficient in Vietnamese, please only apply for the clinical internship. If you are accepted to both, you may choose which one you wish to continue.
Applying to both internships does NOT affect the final decision.

Applications are closed!

Thank you for applying!

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