No more meetings this quarter. We hope to see you in the next!


6:10 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: TBD - Resumes Fall 2015

General Meetings

7:10 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: TBD - Resumes Fall 2015

Office Hours

11:00 AM - 1:oo PM

Location: TBD - Resumes Fall 2015

Upcoming Events

  • PR: Recruitment (August 28th @ 11:00 AM).
    • Location: Sacramento CA.
  • Saturday Clinic  (August 29th @ 7:45 AM).
    • Location: Paul Hom Asian Clinic
  • Sunday Ophthalmology Clinic (August 30th @ 8:30 AM).
    • Location: Paul Hom Asian Clinic.

Committee Meetings

For those who are interested in the committees, please e-mail the head of the committee!

  • Creative Committee: Kevin Hoang @ info@vncares.org
  • Outreach Committee: Kevin Le, Connie Ha, Minh Cao, & Ngoc Tran @ publicrelations@vncares.org & treasurer@vncares.org

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Contact Us

If you use the site contact system, we will contact you back in one to two days. If you wish to contact a specific officer, please use the following emails addresses: 

Phone: 916-542-2736

President: president@vncares.org 
Internal Vice President: vicepresident@vncares.org 
External Vice President: vicepresident@vncares.org 
Treasurer: treasurer@vncares.org 
Secretary: info@vncares.org 
Clinical Managers: clinic@vncares.org 
Research & Education Leaders: re@vncares.org 
Public Relations Team: publicrelations@vncares.org 
Webmaster & Database: webmaster@vncares.org 

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